Last day in Paris…

And we went out with a jam-packed day. We started by meeting Jim Bittermann, CNN’s European Bureau chief based in Paris. Jim had just come off a live shot, reporting on the murder of a Paris police officer and his companion. Jim was so generous with his time, discussing journalism, how he sees France/Europe and the US, and how students can be ready for the new world of journalism. Thanks Jim!

Our next meeting was with Emmy Ritt, one of the major coordinators of the Paris 2018 Gay Games. We discussed the challenges of organizing a huge international event, how the Games are positioning themselves to be advocates of inclusion and fair play. Thanks Emmy!

And last, the steak/frites highlight of the day: Relais de L’Entrecote. Prof. Gerstner had been waxing poetic about Relais even back in East Lansing, so it was time for a squad takeover. And we did. And lives were changed 🙂

Merci Paris! And Merci to ACCENT Paris, Mirek, Adrien, Melissa, Kate, Jennifer and Lilly.

And Wednesday – ROMA!



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