Day: CONI and Roma 2024

Where do we start to explain today?

Simple – opportunity of a lifetime.

We were invited to visit the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI in Italian) and the Roma 2024 bid committee for the day. We toured the main headquarters, which are rich with history, dating back to the Mussolini era of power. We were in the inner sanctum of CONI, the conference room, which has two gigantic murals – one about ancient Roman power, and how Mussolini viewed his emerging power. The murals were preserved by the Allies, but remained covered until 2000. They now serve as a lesson about Fascism and Mussolini’s dictatorship.

We toured stadiums, swimming pools, and then reached Roma 2024 for a delicious lunch and full afternoon of presentations, discussions, and complete generosity and warmth from the Roma 2024 team.

WE THANK YOU ALL! We will never forget this experience!


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