Rome Day 7: One Week!

We’ve been in Rome for one almost one week, and one week from now most of us will be back in the United States. It is truly unreal how quickly this trip has gone, and each student’s life and outlook on the world has been changed throughout this journey. 

Today we spoke with John Henderson, a retired sportswriter who instilled a travel bug in all of us. His career has taken him all over the world, covering the likes of the Olympics, Super Bowls and World Series for the Denver Post. While sports were what launched his career, his passions later in life led him to Rome where he publishes a blog called Dog-Eared Passport

A piece of advice will stick with us: It is better to try and fail than to look over your shoulder thinking you could have had something better. John believes a good journalist is made up of 25 percent courage, 25 percent talent and 50 percent personality. As we go through our careers, he challenges us to get out and see the world. You never know where this life will take you. 



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