Wait – what? It’s over?!

Yes, the month has flown by, truly!

Our first MSU Sports Journalism Study Abroad is now in the books.

It’s going to take days, months, even maybe years, to unpack all we have done, seen, experienced, and lived through together. We learned from the professionals at Eurosport, ESPN, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, CONI, Roma 2024, freelancers like journalist John Henderson, small business owners like PR whiz Nicole de Beaufort, Olympians like Anne-Sophie Mondiere and Michele Benedetti, experts/professors in media and history, and on and on! Thank you to everybody who took the time to be with us. We have learned what it takes to be the best, to cover the world and be ethical journalists too.

We walked miles through Paris and Rome, through rain and heat, through stifling crowds and absolutely still and private gardens – all to experience a new world. And we did. We touched base with Roman emperors and Popes, Napoleon and his Paris, and even the equine world of Normandy.

We ate all the baguettes, steak frites, pizza, crepes, espresso, gelato, cacio e pepe, and other culinary delights that we could find.

Bottom line – we came as 22 MSU students and two professors, and leave as a close-knit group who has seen magical things that we will never forget.

Hopefully we come back to MSU…and for those who are graduating – your new lives…wiser, more informed, and more inspired about the world around us.

This was a once in a lifetime. And we are all so lucky to have been part of it.





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